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About Us

Panthera Solutions Inc. is a Guyanese company that is positioned to provide world class maintenance solutions to the offshore oil & gas industry. The company is owned and operated by 2020 FMCG Inc., a majority-owned partnership between Guyanese Farfan & Mendes and Canadian-owned Crosbie. Panthera leverages its parent company's expertise and draws on its rich history to build a highly skilled and capable Guyanese workforce for Guyana's thriving offshore oil & gas sector. With a focus on training and development, Panthera Solutions Inc is poised to equip the next generation of Guyanese workers with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this dynamic industry.

Our Corporate Foundation

Our company’s foundational elements are our guiding light – it’s what we can turn to each day to ensure we are on the right track, and what we can trust in when hit with difficult situations.  However, we also understand that the market and external factors are constantly evolving, and so must we. We are proactive in adapting and evolving to meet new challenges and phenomena that threatens our survival, so we stay ahead of the game.


Inspiring innovation for a brighter future


Build capacity of our people to foster customer focused solutions for sustainable growth

Core Values

Panthera Solutions Inc aims to foster a culture of innovation through encouraging customer-oriented solutions within our teams and developing mutually beneficial relationships with our clients. This culture is built on our core values that guide the execution of our work.

  • Protecting People & the Environment
  • Providing Local Solutions
  • Focusing on Clients
  • Exhibiting Integrity, Professionalism and Honesty
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