Panthera Solutions Inc

Health, Safety, Environment & Quality

HSEQ Panthers Solutions Inc Team

Panthera Solutions Inc takes pride in how we accomplish all scopes of work and ensuring that we protect our people, client assets, and the environment. These principles are at the forefront of all we do.  

We ensure from the moment of hire, that team members understand that Health, Safety, Environment and Quality are fundamental to the success of our business and the business of all our clients. Consistent review and participation in all safety, and shift handover meetings are part of our culture.

Safety is the top priority at work and home for all our team members. We strive to ensure that everyone is safe and aware of hazards that may impact our lives and those in our care.

These principles are essential to developing a workplace culture of safe choices and behaviors; and we align with the industries and environments we operate in.

8 Life Saving Rules

Confined Space

Obtain authorization before entering a confined space

Energy Isolation

Verify isolation and zero energy before work begins

Safe Mechanical Lifting

Plan lifting operations and control the area

Work Authorization

Work with a valid permit when required

Working At Height

Protect yourself against a fall when working at height

Bypassing Safety Controls

Obtain authorization before overriding or disabling any safety controls

Fit For Duty

Be in a state to perform work safely

Personnel Protective Equipment

The last line of defense